Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style: A Guide for Parents

Unveiling Individual Styles for Academic Success

Parenting is an adventure rich with unique challenges and joys, particularly in the realm of education. At Beautiful Horizons Early Learning Center, Dubai's favourite nursery and best ELC, we emphasise the significance of recognizing each child's individual learning style. This understanding is vital for fostering early child development and providing personalised learning care, ensuring that every child gets the best support in their educational journey. In this detailed guide, we'll delve into various learning styles and offer practical tips for parents to identify and encourage their child's specific learning method.

The Spectrum of Learning Styles

Visual Learners: Seeing is Believing

Visual learners process information best when it is presented in a visual format. They excel in reading, writing, and interpreting images. In Beautiful Horizons ELC, visual learning is encouraged through activities like drawing, organizing information in charts, and visual storytelling.

Auditory Learners: Listen and Learn

These learners thrive on verbal instructions and discussions. They find it easier to remember information that they've heard. For auditory learners, early learning centers often incorporate storytelling, singing, and group discussions into their curriculum.

Kinesthetic Learners: Engage Through Action

Kinesthetic learners learn best through movement and hands-on experiences. They thrive when they can physically engage with the material. At Beautiful Horizons ELC, we cater to kinesthetic learners by incorporating activities such as role-playing, practical projects, and interactive tasks. This approach allows them to actively participate in the learning process, making education a dynamic and enjoyable experience.

Tactile Learners: Touch and Explore

As a tactile learner, you grasp information effectively through touch and action. You're a 'hands-on' learner, excelling when physically engaged in building, drawing, or moving as part of the learning process. At Beautiful Horizons ELC, we cater to this style by incorporating activities that involve touching, handling objects, and interactive, movement-based tasks, enhancing your understanding through physical experience.

Identifying Your Child’s Learning Style

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Observation is Key

Pay attention to how your child interacts with their environment. Do they prefer looking at books and pictures, or are they more inclined to touch and manipulate objects?

Listen to Their Preferences

Children often express their learning preferences through their choices. Notice if they enjoy stories more when they are read aloud or if they prefer to engage in physical activities.

Experiment with Different Methods

Try various learning activities with your child. See which activities they are drawn to and which ones help them understand concepts better.

Consult with Educators

Teachers and educators at your child's nursery or early learning center can provide valuable insights into your child's learning style.

Supporting Your Child’s Learning Style

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For Visual Learners

  • Use flashcards and colourful charts.
  • Incorporate videos and visual aids in lessons.
  • Create a visually stimulating learning environment at home.

For Auditory Learners

  • Engage in discussions about what they learned.
  • Use songs and rhymes to teach new concepts.
  • Read aloud to them and encourage them to tell stories.

For Kinesthetic Learners

  • Provide hands-on learning experiences.
  • Encourage movement and physical activities while learning, including role plays and interactive games.
  • Use real-life examples, experiments, and practical simulations to explain concepts.

For Tactile Learners

  • Use cards and charts with different textures.
  • Make your home learning space touch-friendly with different materials to feel and play with.
  • Encourage hands-on exploration through activities like moulding clay or tracing textured surfaces.

Beautiful Horizons: Embracing Diverse Learners

As Dubai's best ELC, we are equipped to meet the varied learning needs of children. We employ diverse teaching methods to support every child's unique learning style, ensuring a rich, personalised learning experience.


Grasping your child's learning style is crucial in their educational progression. By recognizing and cultivating their unique learning approach, parents, and educators at Beautiful Horizons ELC can collaboratively create the most nurturing environment for a child's growth. Every child's distinctiveness is our focus, making their learning journey truly enriching.


1. When can a child's learning style be identified?

  • Children's learning styles can often be observed as early as preschool age through their play and interaction preferences.

2. Can children exhibit multiple learning styles?

  • Yes, children can exhibit multiple learning styles, often using different approaches for different types of learning.

3. How do learning styles influence school performance?

  • Learning styles can impact school performance, as matching teaching methods to a child's style can enhance understanding and engagement.

4. What activities at our nursery cater to various learning styles?

  • Our nursery offers diverse activities like visual arts, storytelling, hands-on experiments, and reading sessions to cater to different learning styles.

5. How can parents reinforce learning at home?

  • Parents can reinforce learning by providing activities that align with their child's learning style, such as educational games, reading, or DIY projects.

6. Do learning styles evolve as children grow?

  • Yes, learning styles can evolve with age and development as children are exposed to new experiences and teaching methods.