• Philosophy and Core Values of Beautiful Horizons, Dubai

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    Beautiful Horizons ELC offers a remarkable adventure in learning and personal development. In a warm and nurturing environment, students are encouraged to practice independence, responsibility, respect and kindness, as well as the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to their growth.


    The EYFS statutory framework is firmly grounded in the core values and philosophy of the setting and offers a carefully planned and consistent approach to the children’s intellectual, emotional, and social development. 

    Children begin to form their knowledge and understanding of the world at a very young age, and we strive to satisfy their need of socializing with peers and adults in a safe and nurturing environment. This is when they develop their language skills as well as their interpersonal skills, we at Beautiful Horizons ELC firmly believe that social experiences are an important part of a child's over all development hence, we aim to create a nurturing environment with qualified teachers, enabling environment and a wide range of real-life social experiences.

    At Beautiful Horizons, our playful days unfold organically! Every day is Vibrant, and a dynamic learning experience.

    Building dreams at Beautiful Horizons, our magical Play space

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    Beautiful Horizons ELC’s mission is to provide the highest level of education while respecting children's’ individual giftedness and level of development. We place utmost importance on children’s well-being and resilience to create true leaders and compassionate human beings.


    We at Beautiful Horizons ELC thoroughly believe that education is not confined to 4 walls, it happens beyond that too. We firmly believe that the environment is the third teacher and the most influential too; hence we aim to work towards creating an enabling environment that is safe, stimulating and inviting to learn and explore.

  • Our Team

    We take a huge amount of responsibility in providing children with quality care and a stimulating learning environment. Our trained and qualified educational professionals will ensure that all children get equal opportunity to experience a challenging yet enjoyable environment that enhances and supports their learning and development in all seven areas.

    Teaching Methods

    At Beautiful Horizons ELC teaching is active and stimulating; time is always used productively. Activities are matched to individual needs and intended outcomes. Extensive additional support for all students will be provided when and if needed.