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  • Wonder awaits! Explore Beautiful Horizons, Dubai's leading nursery

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    We at Beautiful Horizon ELC strive to create a safe and an active stimulating environment where children are always learning and developing holistically at their own pace, without any competition and haste. We believe that a safe and happy childhood in itself is a great opportunity for children to meet their true potential.


    The statutory framework of EYFS underscores the profound significance of early childhood education. We understand that between birth and five years, children experience phenomenal growth and development. Our commitment to creating a secure and inspiring space focused on holistic childhood education ensures that this critical window of opportunity is fully maximized, setting them on a path towards lifelong success.




    - Bernard Baruch


    Does your child ask too many questions?

    Or is curious about everything?

    We are here to answer all of their questions and satisfy their urge to know more!

    We are here to answer their how? what? where? when? why? 

    Our enabling environment serves their curiosity, questioning, and investigation skills.

  • Beautiful Horizons Preschool Vision

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    It is the curiosity and the love of learning that takes us places. Our vision and mission are to foster the curiosity a child is already born with, children are born with the instinct to know more, explore more and do more and we would love to foster it and nurture it.

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    It is well defined by our motto “Fostering Curiosity”


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    Beautiful Horizons ELC has been founded with the vision to foster children’s creativity and learning by respecting and supporting their natural curiosity, and tendency for exploration of the world around them.

  • Why Beautiful Horizons PreSchool is unique in Dubai

    We follow the EYFS statutory framework, and we practice an inclusive environment. Our enabling environment meets children's needs through differentiated learning and continuous provision.

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    Quality and Consistency

    Quality and consistency provided through differentiated learning and continuous provision, customized learning facilities and regular assessments.

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    Fun Learning Methods

    Books, songs, and rhymes are a major part of our learning environment.

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    Diverse Environment

    Our classrooms are not limited to only four walls - each area in the nursery setting is an environment prepared g to boost your child's interests and his/her personal development.

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    Opportunities for All

    Children will be provided with enough opportunities to satisfy their curiosity while engaging in real life experiences, investigation, and critical thinking.

  • Beautiful Horizons Early Learning Teaching Methods

    The approach to learning development and promotion at our early childhood center (ECC) encompasses a holistic and personalized approach, considering the wide age range of children we cater to, from 45 days to 4 years old.

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    9 months – 1 year


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    Toddlers 1

    1 – 2 years  

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    Pre K

    2 – 3 years  

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    3 - 4 years

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    4 - 5 years

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