How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool?

Preparing Your Little One for Preschool: Easy Steps to Boost Confidence and Make Learning Fun

Preparing your child emotionally for a new start in their life is always challenging, but preparing a toddler or a preschooler for their first day or first week at a Kindergarten is the most challenging task of all, for parents as well as for the child.

Don't worry I have got your back!

First piece of advice for all the worried and anxious mummies. Mummies, you need to be strong at this time and make sure that the place you chose for your lovely child, for the very first independent venture of their life, is safe enough for them in all aspects. A secure detachment starts from home, you feel safe they feel safe, you feel insecure they feel insecure.

Mentally preparing your child for new friends, new toys, etc helps them get excited about the new place; but what makes it a peaceful experience is your reassurance that 'I will come and pick you', 'I'm so proud of you', 'wow you did a brilliant job today!' Sentences like these are a positive reinforcement, the child feels a sense of achievement and would want to do it again to see you happy and proud. #positivereinforcement

Giving your child a time limit they can relate to, is the perfect way of giving them a secure base, such as saying 'mummy will pick you, after lunch time', you may ask the teacher about a daily time table so that it is easy for you to understand the routine and give them a time frame for the time you will be away from them; and than be there at the expected time as it builds trust. Ask your teacher to mention the same thing when the child says 'I want to go home' as it builds trust for the teacher too. #effectivepartnership

Once they are home, discuss the About the Play School, the teacher, the friends in a positive way. If the child says 'he doesn't like it' ' he doesn't want to go tomorrow', 'he misses you' acknowledge the feeling, validate the feeling and relate to it by saying 'I miss you too', 'I love you too but I'm so proud of you'. 'I know it is difficult but it will be fun to have new friends' etc. Acknowledgement of feelings provides them with the understanding that what they are feeling is not wrong. It's ok to feel this way and share. #emotionalintelligence

The first day is always easy as the child doesn't know what's gonna happen. The next few days could be tough as they are now well aware that you will drop them and leave, do not give up at this time and keep supporting your child and the teacher.

Do not over discuss the Nursery with them unless they themselves want to discuss something about it.

Last but not least, spend quality time with them once they are home.